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Highland Village Nursery School (HVNS) is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit parent cooperative preschool providing two-day (PreK-3) and three-day (PreK-4) classes for children ages 3 to 5.

HVNS has been a part of the local community since 1968. The Nursery School is located in the St. Augustine's School at 35 Phillips Avenue in Highland, New York. It offers a bright, spacious classroom and playground as well as an indoor gymnasium.
At HVNS, we believe children learn best by exploring their environment through play and social interactions. We help foster friendships while teaching social skills that build the foundation for their future in education. We hope to give them the best start possible on their educational journeys.

For information on class openings and enrollment, please Contact Us.

Interaction with peers, sharing, pre-reading, pre-math, imaginary play, and large and fine motor skills development are taught and encouraged in order to prepare your child for kindergarten and beyond!

Meet Our Teachers!

​Amy Anthony, Lead Teacher

Mrs. Anthony is a New York State Certified Teacher for grades PreK through 6th Grade.  Before starting her family, she worked as a 6th Grade Teacher. Mrs. Anthony has been teaching at HVNS for 8 years. She has also held just about every Board of Trustees position there is, as four of her children attended and graduated from Highland Village. She has dedicated countless hours to the success of HVNS as both an employee and as a parent cooperative volunteer.

Mrs. Anthony focuses on making children feel comfortable in their learning environment in order to foster self-esteem, benefitting the children both socially and educationally. She is an avid runner and also serves on Parish Council for St. Augustine’s Church. Mrs. Anthony wants to provide her students with the proficiencies and the confidence they will need in their lives ahead, for the long run.

Michelle Doyle, Assistant Teacher

Mrs. Doyle has an Associates degree in Birth through 2nd Grade. With 14 years experience teaching preschool she is a great complement to Mrs. Anthony. They both believe in creating and maintaining a warm, nurturing environment in which children can grow, learn and develop both as students and as individuals.  

Mrs. Doyle is an active member of the community as the secretary/cheer coordinator of Highland Youth Football and Cheer. She can't wait to see her students succeed both in and outside the classroom.

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